About Zoë

Zoë is a versatile chatbot and search engine. It uses natural language to understand, process and communicate. With Zoë you have an intuitive, flexibel and smart interface to automate conversion with your users or visitors.

By using Zoë you increase conversion, get more interaction, get insight into your customer wishes and  increase the involvement from your customers. Ready to discover what Zoë has to offer? 

Start using Zoë!

Artifilical Intelligence is rapidly becoming a part of our daily life. The possibilities are endless! Zoë is an versatile bot which can be used in a numeress number of applications. In new applications as well as in existing websites or apps. We've outline a few of these options:


Helping people use an website or applications, how do you accompish that. Zoë is glad to help! Zoë helps your visitors or users to accomplish their goals by entering into a conversation with them. Zoë can make a big difference here by working effeciënt towards the desired solution.

Personal assistent

A personal assistent or a 24/7 working helpdesk: Zoë does it all. She will learn your preferences and help you find the answers and solutions your looking for. By scanning to all FAQ data, manuals, websites and documents she will become an expert on every field within your organisation. Helpfull for your clients and a driver for higher conversion!

Search engine

In the core of Zoë lies a powerfull search engine. Zoë does more then simple arithmic comparisons. It understands the english language and starts searching based on meaning more then precise words. Zoë can take in account personal preferences and current context to find the best matches for your situation. This makes Zoë a search wonder.

Contact us

Curious to wat Zoë can do for your organisation. Send us a description of your organisation and the challanges you hope Zoë could solve. We love to hear how we can optimize the conversation, interaction or search for your website, shop or app!

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