Next generation chatbot

Zoë is a chatterbox. That's good news. We are using software in a increasingly intuitive manner. We want to install software and apps and start using them right away. And what is the most intutive interface we know? Speach, chat, conversation: anything that allows us to interact in plain english. How about an app you can tell what to do. We talk to Siri or to Amazon Echo, why not to every app, website or program?

A leap forward to where is all started

We once started to develop sotfware to automate process we used to delegate to others. We simple asked them to do something, answered a few questions about the task at hand and evaluated the outcome afterwards. With Zoë software goes back to that simple procedure. No more complex menu's of forms. And since Zoë knows your shared history, no more repeated questions and redundant procedures. Just ask Zoë and get the job done.

Your app or website as your best employee

By switching back to conversation as the main interface, your app or website feels more like an helpfull employee then a piece of software you need to learn. Language and conversation are flexible, personal and intuitive to use. Using language instead of menu's and forms, it becomes much easier to gain leads, sell products or share information.

The fact that Zoë is able to respond in natural language may not even be the biggest asset. For the first time your (potential) customers start the dialogue with telling you what they want. Regardsless wether it is available on the website or not. This gives you an insight you could otherwise only get through expensive market research projects!

Extendable and flexible

Language itself is extremely flexible. Every year hondreds of new words enter the english language. Zoë is just as flexible. Adding new features does not require the design of new screens, menu's, buttons and forms. You just need to help to understand Zoë how certain frases relate to that new feature. New features becomes more about teaching then developing. Teaching is not only much easier to do, its a continues process instead of a one time delivery. Making sure your website or app always keeps inproving.

Contact us

Curious to wat Zoë can do for your organisation. Send us a description of your organisation and the challanges you hope Zoë could solve. We love to hear how we can optimize the conversation, interaction or search for your website, shop or app!

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